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David Thorne

I grew up in a house where we did things for ourselves. That’s how I learned. When I

was an infant the room I slept in had a panelled type ceiling. My father painted each

panel a different color to show me to the wonderment of the spectrum. I was introduced

at the age of 5 to the muscular benefits of hand rubbing a finish on an antique table.

Fascinated with mechanical systems, when I was 7 I proceeded to dismantle most of

the doorknobs throughout my grandparents house. They were so proud!. By 10 years

old I had the dubious distinction of being the only kid in my neighborhood to use a

circular saw. Home repairs led to side jobs with family, friends, and neighbors. From

graduating high school in 1983 I went into rental unit remodeling taking on side jobs

doing framing and carpentry while working as a server/bartender at night. Licensed in

1996 as a General Contractor, I initially performed, with a small crew, all foundation,

framing, finish carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, and stucco/siding work.

I have since grown my business utilizing the tenents of quality, dependability, and

accountability. Throughout the years I have established relationships with professional,

licensed sub-contractors who respect and hold our clientele in the highest regard. As a

father I teach my children the benefits of an honest, hard days work. As a contractor I

insist on an honest, hard day’s work with uncompromising standards of fit and finish.

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