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Client Testimonials

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Dave Thorne remodelled our house this spring and did a fantastic job. He was reliable, on time and on budget, and his workmanship was of the highest quality. He was a pleasure to work with, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Janelle Brown


I have worked with Dave Thorne on 4 major remodels of my properties over the last 15 years and I can whole heartedly recommend him without any hesitation. His deep knowledge, professionalism, creativity and ability to adapt to changes are unmatched with anybody else I've worked with. I won't work with anybody but him at this point, even if it means waiting.

Chris Hink


Dave Thorne is an amazing contractor. He built our house from the studs, involved us in every decision while explaining everything in precise detail.....we still like him and talk to

him. He even finished on time! Excellent customer service and building capabilities. Highly recommend!

Joanna Belson


Dave Thorne has been working with us for the last 8  years on the many projects that we've done on our homes. His work is consistent and his input and integrity are invaluable. He always meets his deadlines, and has never left us hanging. We highly recommend Dave as a contractor that you candepend on.

Beverly Klein and Michael Murphy


As an interior designer, I am frequently asked for referrals regarding home renovation. Every time I answer with the same response: "I would not consider doing any

construction job without Dave Thorne. Run, don't walk." He got the job done perfectly, and exactly the day I needed it to be finished - which was just before my son was born.

Having a cheerful, can-do person with so much energy and optimism on the job every morning is essential when running a marathon, as renovations can be. He has also done perfect work at my clients' and friends' homes, who have also gone on to refer to him as enthusiastically as I do to everyone they know. You will be ever-thankful for having him and his wonderful team making sure your home is finished perfectly.

Heather Collins


Dave Thorne just finished a 4-month job at my property on Lemoyne street in Echo Park. During the process, everyone asked me “So have you experienced the classic contractor nightmare?” to which I replied, “I must have gotten REALLY lucky because my contractor is amazing.”Dave came in under budget, and, in fact, there was enough room left in the budget that we added a bunch of additionalwork I thought I couldn’t afford. His crew is excellent and very pleasant to have around and everyone was great. The work was very solid. Couldn’t recommend any higher!!

Dan Crane

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